Social, Digital and Mobile in Hong Kong

Simon Kemp

The latest in our series of reports on the Social, Digital and Mobile landscapes across Asia looks at Hong Kong and Macau:

Hong Kong


These countries are some of the most advanced in the world when it comes to the penetration and adoption of digital technologies, with more than half of Hong Kong’s population using social media

As we’ve seen in previous reports, mobile technology plays a central part in the digital behaviours across these countries, but in contrast to their Southeast Asian peers, China’s islands are already prolific users of smartphones.

Hong Kong‘s population has already taken to smartphones in a big way, and many users there already regard their devices as indispensable. More than half use their phone to perform mobile searches every single day, while nearly one third of smartphone users in Hong Kong admits to using their device while in the restroom.

Although ‘official’ data for Macau is limited, the landscape looks similar to the other two countries, with high levels of sophistication and widespread digital adoption.