Social, Digital and Mobile in India

Simon Kemp

For today’s instalment of our Social, Digital and Mobile in Asia series, we’re focusing on India.

In similar fashion to the numbers we saw in our China report yesterday, India is witnessing dramatic growth in its digital community, with most of this growth driven by mobile.

Some of this report’s highlights:

However, the big thing to note is that mobile phones are driving India’s digital revolution – 59% of Indian internet users only access the web via mobile devices.

Excitingly, though, adoption trends suggest that more than 200 million new subscribers will join India’s mobile legions this year alone – that’s the equivalent of adding the entire population of Russia.

However, many of these users will still be using feature phones, and despite many people having access to data plans, the costs involved, combined with the speed of access, mean the internet experience for many Indians is still restrictive.

The good news is that, given the levels of interest and excitement in the country around the opportunities the internet is bringing to India, adoption and usage rates are set to continue their impressive growth for many years to come.

And, given that internet penetration is still only a paltry 8%, the sheer digital potential in India is amazing.

Check the rest of the juicy numbers in the SlideShare deck above.