We Are Social 1 – FC Virgo 3


It was a brutally cold last night under the grim lights of the Imperial War Museum as five brave men from We Are Social took arms against F.C Virgo’s extensive squad. It was a David Vs Goliath moment as our captain Adam pulled his socks over his shin pads knowing that only our grit would see us through. We steeled our nerve, gave the opposition knowing grimaces and stood around as they waltzed through our defence to stick the ball in the back of net in the first 10 seconds of the game. Ouch.

We Are Social responded instantly with vigour and guile pressing a cocky F.C Virgo into their half and after a mild scuffle on the right wing the ball was freed at pace to our captain on the edge of the box. Mr Bernstein without hesitation clinically inserted the ball past a helpless keeper into the bottom left hand corner of the net. The game was back on! What followed was dogged and determined 5-a-side with the highlights of the first half being a string of excellent “they were for the cameras” saves from Dan McLaren which frustrated the opposition and gave We Are Social the confidence to hold the score level at half time.

The second half continued in the same manner without major incident until F.C Virgo brought on their secret weapon. This giant of a man had his powerful shot blocked by the We Are Social defence only to see the ball go up high over Dan’s head and bounce apologetically into the goal. This controversial infringement of the “no over head height” rule wasn’t contested by We Are Social’s team who employ a strict policy of sportsmanship at all times!

The unfortunate incident forced our team to press up looking for a late equaliser but in the last seconds of the game F.C Virgo broke through and put another into the net. This brought a sad end to a good game that was well played by both sides leaving the We Are Social boys to lament the lack of subs that F.C Virgo had at their disposal.

We Are SocialAdam Bernstein, Olly Moss, Matteo Starri, Dan McLaren and Tom Ollerton