We Are Social gutted by Razorfish


Vince Lombardi famously said “show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser”. So if I read from this that Vince approves of bad losers then he would have been delighted by my reaction to this particular defeat.

It may have ended 6 – 3 in Razorfish’s favour, but it started ever so promisingly. Within 5 minutes, Olly had ‘megged their onrushing keeper to put us one nil up. Then Joe Weston scored a goal so good I thought the referee had asked him for his autograph. In fact he just wanted his name for the post match report, but still, the goal merited it.

Anyway, after this surprisingly good start it all went rather downhill. I was caught trying to dribble out of defence, before another defensive error saw them equalise at 2-2. I’m not sure this one was down to me, but the way I played it may as well have been. Needless to say, at half time, with momentum against us, and with no substitutes available to call on, there wasn’t a great deal of optimism to go around.

But within a minute of the restart, Adam miraculously (and I say that without a hint of hyperbole) pinged a first time shot-cum-pass into the bottom corner to put us back into the lead. The kind of lead that flashes a bit of leg and flirts with you all too briefly before dashing off into the night without even a second glance back in your direction.

Apparently somebody on the Razorfish team had donned their shooting boots (adidas Predators I think they were) for the second half. He was curling in shots from all over the pitch, most of which were flying into the top right corner, giving our keeper Dan not a sniff of a chance.

They were, Olly proffered, the kind of strikes which go in at most 30% of the time. So by my reckoning he must have had 12 shots on goal. Needless to say I was marking him for much of that half. Had him in my pocket… right up until the moment he scored his 4 goals.

Little else to report in the second half other than several instances where the referee failed to understand the nuances of handball rule, Olly being accused of “taking a dive” into a metal post, and Adam urging us to “push up” out of defence apparently to catch our opponents offside. A tactic straight out of the Arsenal playbook. But not such a great call in 5-a-side, where there is no offside rule.

Overall: it could have gone better.

This week’s team: Adam Bernstein, Chris Mason, Dan McLaren, Joe Weston and Olly Moss