Heinz FIVE Beanz: Personalised beanz


They said it couldn’t be done, but then they also say you should never say never…

Heinz love beanz so much they have recently launched a new variety, Heinz FIVE Beanz, with five different types of beanz in the can, developed as ‘Beanz For Grown Upz’.

At We Are Social we also love beanz, so as you may have seen in Ad Age, Creativity or Campaign, in order to drive awareness of the five varieties of beanz contained in cans of FIVE Beanz, we’ve created an exciting new campaign where fans of the Heinz Beanz Facebook page can win one of the five beanz with their name engraved on it. Yes, your name on a bean!

Ad Age

Fans are asked to take a short personality test to find out which of the 5 beanz they have grown up to become. Five fans will be chosen from each of the five bean varieties to win their name engraved on the bean that best matches their personality, every hour for the next two weeks.

Using the messaging Beanz For Grown Upz we created a campaign that played on the idea that as you grow older you and your friends all grow up slightly differently. But however different your tastes and interests become, your friends are still the same ‘old beans’ you know and love. This analogy applies to Heinz FIVE Beanz – they maybe all be slightly different but you’ll still love them as much as the traditional Heinz Beans you grew up with.

Fans will also have the opportunity to win one of 10 goodie bags each day through sharing the quiz with their friends. The goodie bags contain everything fans will need to have a teatime fit for grown ups.

So head on over and take the test to find out which bean you are! It’s already generated a lot of excitement…