Make New Friends & Influence People

Simon Kemp

Over the past few months, we’ve been taking a detailed look at the Social, Digital and Mobile landscapes of a number of countries around the world.

These statistical overviews can help to understand the opportunities that these connected channels present, but a key question remains:

“How should marketers take advantage of these opportunities?”

The good news is that answering that question involves a very similar approach across all 3 ‘media’, largely because the best approach always starts from an understanding of the people who use the channels and devices, not from the technical features and infrastructures that power them.

More importantly, the answer should always be inherently ‘social’ in nature too; mobile has always been a ‘social’ medium, and the most engaging digital experiences always inspire conversation and sharing.

In light of this, we’re delighted to share our essential guide to Social Marketing – Making Friends & Influencing People – which helps to take marketers’ thinking and planning beyond the confines of ‘media’ to embrace a broader ‘social, everywhere’ approach.

The guide begins with some key global stats for context, and then debunks 3 of the key myths that continue to dog social media marketers the world over.

It goes on to outline the ’10 Commendments’ – our core Social Marketing principles – before finishing up with an overview of our powerful 8-step strategic framework.

You’ll find the complete guide in the SlideShare embed above, but we’re guessing you’ll want to share this with colleagues and partners too, so we’re pleased to make a high-res PDF of the guide available for download.

And i you’ve got any questions about this guide, or if you’d like to discuss how We Are Social can help you to bring the ideas it contains to life, just drop us an email and we’ll be glad to pick up the conversation from there.