We Are Social 6 – 0 Tropic Thunder

Tennis scores were had on this cold Tuesday night in Kennington, not far from Wimbledon. The low temperatures had probably a fatal impact on Tropic Thunder, as We Are Social sent 6 past their goalkeeper.

We talk about Joe F's good looks further down in this blog postWe talk about Joe F’s good looks further down in this blog post

Captain Joe W saw a few players forced to withdraw from the fixture but as the squad is improving in quality and depth adequate replacements were found. Notably, we witnessed the highly-anticipated debut of French star Jerome, whose skills we managed to snap from Newcastle United who had expressed an interest in him over the recent transfer window.

His Zidane-sque moves confirmed the hype was justified, as he scored the opener within just three minutes. His strength was limited by the referee who repeatedly asked him to leave the pitch to fix his socks. A team spokesman after the match defended the new star and blamed the referee’s “poor sense of fashion”.

The very consistent Joe F (consistent above all in falling on his backside each game, this time surprisingly without deliberately handling the ball while at it) scored the second, just before Tom H scored what will go down in history as the first ever We Are Social goal to be recorded on camera:

The second half began just like the first had ended, with great workrate and high pressure from the boys in (mostly) white. Joe W, Ed and Tom H scored again settling it and bringing the final score to 6-0.

This marked the first We Are Social clean sheet this season, kept by the excellent though not extremely busy Joe S.

This leaves us, of course, to the only outfield player not to score. We feel we should encourage Tom K, who was unlucky and hit the post three times and was denied by the keeper in a couple of occasions.

The post-match team talk at the pub was peculiar not much for the depth of the actual football analysis, but for the feedback on the magnificent looks of Joe F in what was the first team picture we took before a match this season. Given the output, we’re not too sure this is an experiment we feel like repeating.

Full match coverage on Storify, where you can also see how I must have missed a goal while fiddling with my phone.