adidas launches: Join Team Messi


It’s not often you get to say that you’ve played football alongside the world’s greatest, but that’s exactly what adidas has made happen for football fans worldwide.

As you may have read in Marketing Week or Adverblog, last week adidas launched Join Team Messi. We’ve been working with adidas to create this highly personalised social experience which will bring Messi’s millions of fans closer to him and give them the chance to Join Team Messi.

The campaign marks the launch of the adidas Messi Collection of boots and apparel, including a signature adizero f50 Messi boot, the jewel in the crown of its range produced exclusively for the world’s best footballer, Leo Messi.

As any football fan knows, Messi keeps the game beautiful with brilliant skill, a team ethic, exquisite goals and, above all, a keen will to win. As the world’s best footballer, he continues to break records and win international accolades. The ‘Team Messi’ campaign follows his record fourth consecutive FIFA Ballon d’Or award, confirming his position as a global icon and inspiration to football fans around the world.

The Team Messi experience makes use of fans’ Facebook data to place them in a personalised short film alongside the Argentina icon. The first thing to note is that the entry point to Join Team Messi will depend on where the user enters the site from, so right from the beginning they are getting a really personal experience. It has three different intros, accessed through different sources online, each guiding the user through a different version of the film.

Throughout the experience users are asked to select their moves to go past opponents and score a goal, so the user is in complete control of the outcome. These scenes take place in a unique 3D environment – the scenes were shot with a Phantom camera at 1000fps and then digitally recreated so that 3D projection mapping could be used to integrate the live action footage.

At the end fans are encouraged to share a short version of their film – basically, a trailer of the experience – with their friends. This film is personalised to the user, which encourages sharing on a far greater scale than the usual one-size-fits-all approach.

The whole experience was put together by a multidisciplinary team from adidas, We Are Social and Media Monks, and involved film directors, a visual effect supervisors, 3D artists, animators, compositors, 3D programmers and Flash developers. As our client Tom Ramsden, adidas Global Brand Marketing Director, says:

We are extremely proud of the experience that we have produced. I think we have done something very special for the fans of Leo Messi. By ‘Team Messi’ we bring fans closer to their heroes than ever before – the app makes it possible using new, innovative technology.

Team Messi is all about coming together to celebrate a football philosophy. So, what are you waiting for? There are thousands in our ranks – join them, and us to help keep the game beautiful. Join Team Messi.