The Drop Off



Five clues. Five locations. And a race to the finish for six British bloggers.

It might sound more like the Krypton Factor than a social media campaign, but last week this is exactly what the We Are Social Jaguar team were up to in the UK’s capital city.

We were asked by Jaguar UK to raise awareness of the new F-TYPE model here in London, in order to help drive entries to the #YourTurnBritain campaign.

We enlisted the help of six striking Union Flag liveried F-TYPEs that would take to the streets of London in true patriotic fashion. Clearly, the cars themselves would be natural conversation starters, so we saw this as an opportunity to engage key lifestyle influencers to try out this new and exciting vehicle – with a twist.

‘The Drop Off’ was a fast paced socially-led challenge that took place all around London, utilising the knowledge of key lifestyle communities online in order to bring the F-TYPE to life.

After sending out cryptic briefing messages to meet at a secret location in the heart of London, six key lifestyle influencers – Elliot, Zoe, Stuart, Jonny, Aaron and Emma – became transporters for the day, each assigned with their own supercharged F-TYPE and personal driver.

Their mission was to source a series of items that represent the best of modern Britain, using only the help of their social communities, and deliver them to key drop-off sites in the city.

We gave them five cryptic clues, from finding a track from an up-and-coming British artist and delivering it to the O2 Academy in Brixton, to picking up an item that celebrates the best of British design, and taking it to the world’s biggest museum of decorative arts and design, the V&A.  Sounds easy? Turns out London without Google can turn into quite the wild goose chase.

Throughout the day, the influencers updated their followers from their F-TYPE’s passenger seat, in return enlisting their help on where they should be heading. Jaguar’s communities could also keep track of the cars via GPS technology, hosted on a dedicated map on the Your Turn Britain Tumblr site.

In the end, Stuart Flatt from Average Joe’s Blog was the triumphant winner of the challenge, completing all five tasks and making it back to the 38th floor of the Heron Tower before his fellow bloggers, winning a month’s loan of the amazing F-TYPE model.

The influencers used their social channels all afternoon to get advice and tips from their thousands of followers, generating 110 tweets reaching an estimated 814,467 people in total.

In addition, sentiment was unequivocally positive, with all six bloggers mentioning how much they loved the car and the day exploring the secret corners of London.

All in all, it was a great success, and added another fantastic element to the #YourTurnBritain campaign.