Welcoming Djokovic to the adidas family


Earlier this year we were asked to help welcome Novak Djokovic, the world’s number one tennis player, to the adidas family, and to find a way of letting Djokovic’s 2.4 million die-hard twitter fans know that the adidas Barricade is his tennis shoe of choice.

His fans use the #NoleFam hashtag to share their passion for Djokovic on Twitter – in fact, it’s not too much of a leap to describe it as a community. It’s one that’s hungry for content that gives them a glimpse into Djokovic’s life and personality. We used this insight to develop a content strategy that told an adidas story which would resonate with Djokovic’s fans.

Well known as the off-court ‘Djoker’, Djokovic is the ultimate on-court professional. When he straps on his Barricades, and steps on to court, there is no messing around; it’s strictly business.

This formed the core story of the content we produced – a high quality video, imagery and Vines – and enabled the product story to run within a more intimate portrait of his personality.


The video follows Djokovic as he spent the day training – from kayaking and yoga in the morning, through to an intense on court session in the evening – giving fans an insight that only adidas could deliver.

The video launched on 2nd Oct and clocked-up an impressive 23k views in the first 24 hours – without any media spend.

A series of teaser Vines were tweeted in the days preceding the launch, which was a first for the @adidasTennis account.


The Vines were well received by the #NoleFam community and in total they were tweeted over 1,200 times, including by Djokovic himself!