We Are Social’s Top Ten Posts of 2013

2013 was a huge year both for us as an agency and for the world of social media itself, so we were never short of content on our blog.

It was also a big year for our blog, with it being named the UK’s no.1 social media blog – it’s a great platform for everyone in We Are Social to talk about our news, share our opinions and keep you all up to date with the latest social media developments.

So, (drum roll please….) here’s a quick re-cap of our ten best read posts from the last 12 months:

1. A New Chapter for We Are Social
No surprise that in the top spot is the recent announcement of our partnership with China’s leading marketing services group, BlueFocus. It’s not only huge news for us, but also for the wider marketing industry as we accelerate our vision of putting social thinking at the centre of marketing.

2. Red Bull Takes Instagram to the Streets
Earlier this year, we worked with Red Bull to launch its three new flavours via Instagram with the ‘Instagram Your Inspiration’ campaign. Our blog post showcasing the amazing billboards we created using submitted Instagram shots, comes in at second in our top posts of the year.

3. 6 Ws of Social Content
Dan Goodswen, Sydney-based strategist at We Are Social shared his thoughts on social content strategies in this blog post from September. Content was one of 2013’s hottest topics, so this blog proved a must-read for thousands.

4. The State of Social in Asia
In March this year, We Are Social Singapore Managing Director Simon Kemp examined social media users in Asia in the popular SDMW series. This edition looked at the growth and penetration of social media across multiple regions, as well as the mass adoption of mobile chat applications.

5. comScore: 2013 US Digital Future in Focus
Our fifth best read blog post came courtesy of comScore and its ‘2013 U.S. Digital Future in Focus’ report, an analysis of the last year’s digital trends in the US and how they were likely to affect the forthcoming 12 months.

6. Nielsen’s Mobile Consumer Report
Mobile has been high on the agenda for marketers for years, and 2013 was no exception. Nielsen’s Mobile Consumer Report was worth sharing for its insights into the current global mobile landscape, consumer behaviours and mobile advertising.

7. Facebook Decreases Organic Reach
Recently, Facebook revealed that organic reach was decreasing, and that it will become more important for brands to invest in paid media to be sure that posts reach their communities. In this blog, We Are Social Italy Managing Partner Stefano Maggi explains what this means for brands and why a strategic and creative approach to content is more relevant than ever.

8. Social Media Now More Popular Than TV
In March, GlobalWebIndex’s founder Tom Smith talked about their data which showed that the internet now makes up 57% of global media consumption, with social media alone accounting for 26% of people’s media time, more than TV’s 23%. Tom explained the findings to us in detail in this exclusive post.

9. Instagram Your Inspiration with Red Bull
The first blog post about our ‘Instagram Your Inspiration’ campaign for Red Bull also features in our top ten blog posts of the year. We encouraged readers to share their inspiring shots from across the country with us when the campaign kicked off in March.

10. World Map of Social Networks
Finally, our tenth best read blog post of the year came from early on in 2013, as we shared Vincenzo Cosenza’s famous world map of social networks, updated with December 2012 figures. The map animates through the last three years’ worth of data, and showed how Facebook has come to dominate social media. We’re looking forward to seeing this year’s version!