We Are Social CDs in state of shock


Last year, We Are Social’s Creative Directors in London, Graham Jenks and James Nester, were ranked the UK’s number 1 most awarded creatives. But this year, they are ranked at number 2 in the UK according to The Directory Big Won rankings.

We are slowly coming to terms with this news. After soul-searching and time with the family over Christmas, we’ve decided not to leave the industry. We’re now utterly determined to get back to that number one spot.

commented Graham and James.

We have everything we need at We Are Social to do it – the team, the clients, the briefs, the culture, the coffee machine. Since joining We Are Social we feel like we’re learning a great deal. We have analysts who can tap amazing insights from real conversations. We have unrivalled social media expertise within the agency. And the culture’s fun and immensely collaborative, like we’ve never seen before. If we can’t rebuild our careers here, where can we?

Patrick Collister, Editor of The Directory, said:

In 2012, their remarkable campaign for Kern, ‘The Gnome Experiment’, helped James Nester become the No.1 ranked copywriter in the UK and Graham Jenks the No.1 art director. In 2013, proving they are not ‘one hit wonders’, the team created three campaigns which all did well. ‘Measure of Pleasure’ for Beyond Dark Chocolate, ‘The Kern White Papers’ for Kern and most recently, ‘Wimbledon Wiggle’ for evian.

Only three years ago the rankings were dominated by copywriters and art directors in traditional advertising agencies. The fact that Jenks and Nester’s work covers a wider span of media and a broader understanding of new technology indicates not simply that advertising continues to change apace but that the new creative stars are emerging.

Jim Coleman, Managing Director, We Are Social said:

We’re a bit disappointed with the boys. Second in the UK is hardly a good example for the rest of the team. I’ll be having a firm word with them via Snapchat.

The Directory Big Won rankings are a summary of the world’s most creative networks, agencies and people as measured by both the quantity and quality of awards won.