Looking good for Lovebox: #WeAreDenim


As We Are Social’s London team heads off to celebrate its 6th birthday with its annual trip to Lovebox, senior creative Nick Hearne reveals the inspiration behind this year’s #WeAreDenim theme. 

We Are Social Designer Tom MacMahon has proved how amazing our design department is by creating a one-off wearable poster for our annual trip to Lovebox festival.


To promote the theme of this year’s outing, We Are Denim, Tom decided to craft a truly unique promotional item. A fully patched-up biker ‘battle jacket’.


The jacket has 12 unique embroidered patches revealing the details of the party. Date, dress code, the hashtag. and the all-important enforced time to stop working.


As well as some extra patches: Compulsory work fun, selfie veteran and a bizarre Swedish black metal band that looks very much like it is fronted by Doge. Such metal!

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 14.08.30

Designing the company party poster is usually an extra curricular task met with a groan by busy designers. But Tom has elevated this art form and shown how much fun can be had with a great concept.

Graham Jenks, Creative Director, is impressed with this level of dedication to producing work that goes beyond the call of duty:

‘Our designers never cease to amaze – photography, film, stop motion and now embroidery.’


Creating the jacket saw members from all departments chipping in with their sewing skills. Some patches are skilfully applied; others look like a blind-drunk Hell’s Angel hastily stitched them on. Regardless of talent, big thanks to everyone involved.


The final artwork is hung proudly in the reception of We Are Social, London. There is a lively debate about who should wear the poster later today.

Robin Grant anyone?