What it's REALLY like at We Are Social


My name’s Marie, aka Melba Toast, and I’m one of the newest members of the We Are Social team in New York. If you’re reading this, we probably have a lot in common — mostly an endlessly entertained obsession for all things to do with social media.

We Are Social is currently seeking bright and brilliant additions to our rapidly growing team in New York, across all levels but particularly within client servicing – Account Directors, Senior Account Managers and Account Managers. Whether you have an established background in digital marketing or you’re contemplating how to turn that spare time judging your Instagram feed into an exciting career, We Are Social might just be the perfect fit for you.

You don’t need me to go on about We Are Social’s incredible roster of global brands, and our network of eight offices around the world — our work speaks for itself. But what’s it really like to be a part of We Are Social in New York? I’m going to tell you what goes on behind the scenes instead. Here are the five things I’ve learned since joining the party.

1. Don’t be faint of heart

In an office filled with people from Australia, the UK, and all parts of the U.S., we all seem to have one thing in common — a love for language that is, shall we say, colorful. You can’t be easily offended in an office where “FUCKKK!” is commonly screamed across the room, and someone is awarded regularly for the best out-of-context, or just-plain-weird, comment. Trust me, you’ll love it … or get used to it pretty fast.

2. ALWAYS be prepared with a good reaction GIF

If you don’t already have a folder started on your desktop with your favorite GIFs, you’re slippin’. I’m personally partial to ones containing my girl Rihanna, but the company-wide group Skype chat has opened my eyes to new GIFs I had never dreamed of … as well as some that are now unfortunately burned into my psyche for good and I’m pretty sure I can’t forget if I try. Sometimes, no words can say more than a Homer Simpson GIF can make you feel.

3. If you need help, ask for it 

Another  thing I’ve learned since starting at We Are Social that I feel is so important is that no matter how busy everyone is, someone will find the time to stop and help you if you have a question. For me as an Account Executive, for example,  it’s all about constantly improving on my time management skills. It’s always better to ask for help before you get in over your head and make a mistake. We have regular check-ins, one-on-ones, and, in general, an overall comfort level where everyone is able to stop and talk things through at any moment. That’s what gives We Are Social a real feeling of a team, where everyone helps each other — and in turn, our clients — succeed.

4. …but if you offer to help others, be prepared to put in work!

Part of that collaborative environment that makes We Are Social so great includes jumping in headfirst to help your team. This could mean anything from lending a fresh perspective to a brainstorm, to taking on an important new business pitch in addition to your workload. Before you offer to help, make sure you have the capacity — because you WILL be taken up on that offer!

And lastly, but most importantly….


I feel like a lot of companies recite this cliche to try and sound cool, but the We Are Social New York team is the true embodiment of the saying. We put all of ourselves into our work and put in the hours, but that effort ensures the celebratory shots go down even sweeter as we toast to a job well done. Everyone genuinely looks forward to 5 p.m. Friday — not because it signals the weekend, but for mandatory office happy hour hangs and then cruising together to a local bar (or three).

So there you have it! I think I have laughed harder and learned more in my three months with We Are Social than in any other job in my life. And I’ll drink to that!

What are you waiting for? Apply to join our team today by emailing and telling us who you are and why you think you’ll fit right in.