Global usage of WhatsApp


WhatsApp’s popularity continues to rise on a global level, with an increase from 16% of internet users on the app in 2013 to 24% in 2014. WhatsApp usage is greatest in the regions of Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, GlobalWebIndex reports.

However, when analysing WhatsApp by country, Malaysia comes out top with 77% of mobile internet users on WhatsApp, followed shortly by South Africa and Singapore at 76%. In comparison, China, South Korea and Japan have less than 4% of mobile internet users using WhatsApp, partly due to the popularity of apps like WeChat, Kakao Talk and LINE.

WhatsApp users are also actively on other social networks, with Facebook and YouTube having the highest amount of WhatsAppers at over 70% each. WhatsApp users are also more likely to follow their favourite brand and share brand content than those who don’t have the app.