#IamSocial: Experiencing editorial


Hey there, I’m Alex. I’m the other graduate here at We Are Social on the #IamSocial grad scheme. After battling through the ‘social application process’ and attending the assessment day, Rhoda and I finally made it onto the inaugural scheme. Tidy.

It’s time to fill you in on rotation two of the graduate scheme. This week I’ve been hurling myself too fast down slides, trying out Google Glass, accidently sending embarrassing all work emails about James Blunt and reviewing the buffet spread at Google HQ.

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Rhoda and I rocking out Google Glass

Along with all this, I’ve been surrounding myself with all things wordy as I complete my second placement in the editorial department.

What is Editorial?
Good marketing has always required great copy, and social media is no exception. The editorial team here at We Are Social heads up anything and everything word based, so as you’d expect, the past two weeks have been jam packed with all things content.

Every morning the editorial team meet up for a newsroom where they discuss the latest news and trends and try to find stories that may be relevant for our brands. Then, it’s time to get down to business. This week I’ve been working with the team to create a full months’ content calendar for one of our brand’s Facebook and Twitter pages. This requires tailoring content to a specific brands guidelines and voice, which can be tricky but also incredibly fun.

During my time here in editorial I’ve also been involved in creating social calendars for use between all our brands as well as getting involved in a plethora of brainstorm sessions as we start gearing up coming up for the festive season.

Google HQ and all the other stuff
This week I also got the chance to visit the Google offices – exciting for a multitude of reasons, including the fact that I got to chow down at the fabled Google canteen.


In my head I looked cooler here.

The Google offices are incredible. They’ve got sleep pods, gyms with views across the whole of London and food everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE. Googlers are never more than 150 ft from food- dangerous for a food lover such as myself. Whilst there we even got to play about with Google cardboard which I highly recommend checking out.

In the last couple of weeks I also went along to Jaguar’s Invictus Games and the annual We Are Social’s Social Media Week pub quiz at Ticketmaster HQ in Angel.


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The Social Media Week pub quiz was a great night and if you missed it, you missed out. The venue also has a slide, so this is how I made my entrance:


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After two content packed weeks of editorial and attending loads of awesome events it was time for the monthly company meeting, where the whole London team gathers together with a couple of beers and goes through what’s been happening over the last month.

They also give out a ‘We Are Winning’ and ‘EPIC Fail’ award, the latter of which I unfortunately won for accidently sharing my top five James Blunt songs with the ENTIRE company. Not ideal, no one wants to be known as ‘that bloke that loves James Blunt’.


It’s been a mad couple of weeks and I’ve loved my time here in editorial. I’m now off to spend some time crunching the numbers with Research and Insight; Excel skills- don’t fail me now.

What we’ve learned this week
Normally we reserve this last part of the blog for the five top things we’ve learned this week, instead, I’ve decided to share with you my top 5 James Blunt songs along with a running commentary of why they are in my top 5- enjoy.

1) 1973 – Unbelievable tune.
2) Wise Men – Sadly underrated.
3) Bonfire Heart – The Blunty equivalent of a fist bumping anthem.
4) Goodbye my lover – Wail it at the top of your lungs.
5) You’re Beautiful – Wouldn’t be a Blunty top five without it