Spreading Galatine love on social


Most of us will admit to having a bit of a sweet tooth. This is also true of Italy, birthplace of some of the best sweet and sugary dishes, including classics like Panettone, Biscotti and of course, Tiramisu.

Galatine, also founded in Italy, is a popular candy choice in the country, made up of milk, yoghurt and honey. People all over Italy, of all ages, enjoy tucking into a handful of Galatine.

But where are in Italy are the Galatine’s most passionate fans – not just those who like it – those who really go crazy for it? After a period of social listening, we managed to determine that there were two major cities where Galatine was best loved – Milan and Rome.

We decided it was time to put the two cities’ social communities to the test, and see how strong their passion for Galatine was. First, we launched a competition, asking social media users to vote on the city they felt deserved to win a huge stock of Galatine bars.

We created an app specifically for the competition, hosted on Galatine’s Facebook page. Users could choose their winning city with one simple click, or could choose to be more creative in their vote and upload a Galatine inspired image or showcase patriotism and love for their city – highlighting why their city should win. Fans could also vote and share content via Instagram or Twitter, using the hashtag #galatineblitz.

We also ran a blogger outreach campaign to support the competition, inviting two groups of influential bloggers from each city to talk about their love for Galatine and help spread the word of Galatine Blitz.

The competition ran for two weeks and we were thrilled to see thousands of people from both cities take part, displaying their love for Galatine in creative and imaginative ways.

When the contest came to a close, Milan beat Rome by just a few hundred votes, with the ratio being 52% vs 48%.


To reward Milan for its win, we set up a giant Galatine machine and stocked it full of Galatine bars, so the community could indulge in as much of the sweet as they wished, sharing their happiness across social using the hashtag #galatineblitz.


We were thrilled with the campaign results. Content related to Galatine Blitz received 437,000 impressions on Twitter and over 3.5 million views on Galatine’s Facebook page. The campaign boosted online mentions of Galatine by a massive 56%.

Galatine Blitz was a huge success in every sense – we helped spread its love online and through the streets of Milan, and reinforced Galatine as a cherished candy brand in Italy. Happiness all round!