#SecretSantaSacrifice: Supporting Age UK


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Secret Santa, the long-standing office tradition of buying awkward novelty gifts for someone you don’t really know. This year we wanted to find a better way for you to spend that fiver and do a Christmas good deed. And so we created #SecretSantaSacrifice.

The idea stemmed from our ‘Innovation for Good’ principle, ensuring that when we put time and money into developing ideas outside of client briefs, we also try to make a positive difference.

We were looking for a seasonally apt cause to lend our help to. And we found a good one. We learned that fuel poverty means older people can find Christmas a difficult time. Age UK estimate about 1.7 million elderly people in the UK are unable to afford to turn the heating on, and over a third say that to save money they have to live predominantly in one room of the house. Each winter one older person dies every seven minutes from the cold – that’s more than 200 deaths a day.

We found these figures pretty shocking. We hope #SecretSantaSacrifice can start to change them.

So this Christmas, we’re encouraging colleagues, friends or just anyone who wants to make a positive difference this winter to get involved. It’s easy, just visit secretsantasacrifice.co.uk and select a gift from our range of virtual tat (think turkey hats and novelty pants!). Donate the the price to Age UK and send your Secret Santa recipient a gift certificate via Facebook, Twitter or email.

We’ve already had an amazing response and we’re delighted about all the support we’ve received so far.

It’s not too late to get involved. The more people who join in, the more older people we can help. So come on – give up that Secret Santa £5, and do something good this Christmas!