#WeWentSkiing 2015


Last month, on a quiet snowy evening in the idyllic Italian town of La Thuile, 225 We Are Social colleagues descended upon the slopes for the fourth annual #weareskiing winter conference. From the London, Paris, Munich and Milan offices, the troops were poised for what promised to be a weekend of extreme sports, extreme socialising and, of course, extreme creative thinking. This was my first ski trip since I embarked upon the #IamSocial grad scheme, and I was very excited.

Ski Picture Collage 1

Members of the senior team had flown out early to discuss the company’s exciting new positioning, so were already a full day of international bonding ahead of us. But, after an aperol spritz or two, we quickly caught up. This led to a memorable first evening at the local club involving dance mat dance-offs, air hockey tournaments and a few classic rounds of Time Crisis. We awoke to bad visibility and even worse hangovers, so it was time to hit the slopes to, in the words of Alex Hobhouse, “shred the gnar”.

ski picture collage 2

From skiing virgins to snowboarding pros, each day was spent learning new skills and making new friends on the slopes. From our hotel in Italy, it was just a few chairlifts and gentle pistes to cross the border into France. Although, as many madcap groups found out, the return journey wasn’t quite as simple and some deep-rooted button lift phobias had to be quickly overcome. Away from the skiing and partying, each evening all the European offices came together to voice some creative social thinking ideas and generally share in the great culture and values of We Are Social.

#weareskiing2015 group picture

All in all, it was an awesome weekend as perfectly summarised by one London attendee, George, who said “I had a really fun time and got to know so many new people”. So a huge thank you to Martina Marchesi, Charlotte Padfield, Stéphanie Barry and Stefanie Attenberger for organising such a brilliant trip, we can’t wait until next year! In the meantime, you can relive memories through our instagram pictures here.

Ski googles - next year

Rhoda joined We Are Social as part of its #IamSocial grad scheme. We are currently accepting applications for our 2015 edition. Visit the #IamSocial website for more information and details about how to apply.