The rise of anonymous social media


We Are Social has recently produced a report about Anonymous Social Media; the landscape, the issues and the opportunities for brands. If you’re interested in receiving the report, read our post below for more information.


If you think anonymous social is hiding behind an alias in a nineties-esque chat room, then you need to get with the times, because 2015 is all about going incognito. Anonymous social apps are on the rise, so if you don’t know your Yaks from your Whispers, then read on to find out more and for details of how to get our free briefing on this up and coming area of social media.

From tapping into consumer worries about data protection and the current trend for oversharing, anonymous platforms offer a new opportunity for social. Shedding names levels the playing field for users to have open conversations, where popularity and authority have no influence.

Like any social trend, there have been lots of attempts at anonymous apps, but currently there are three major players; Yik Yak, Whisper and Secret. Whisper claims more than 3.5 billion page-views a month, Yik Yak is a regular in the social app download charts and Secret, refuses to reveal exact figures, but has received lots of media hype.

With the promise of so many eyes on content and a predominantly millennial demographic, it’s no surprise that brands are starting to take interest. MTV, Gap and Paramount have all tested the waters of anonymous and, here at We Are Social, we think there are lots of opportunities for brands to get involved with the conversation. So, if you work for a brand and would like to find out more, then drop us an email to receive our full Anonymous Social report.