Helping the future of music: Hello Play

Our Work

Last December, we launched Hello play! for Hello Bank!, BNP Paribas’ mobile bank. It’s a unique service that revolves around allowing users to fund music projects while listening to the music they love.

Hello play! has attracted a lot of attention, most recently at the Grand Prix Stratégies du Marketing Digital, picking up the accolade for ‘Innovative Digital Service’. It’s gained international recognition too, receiving an honorable mention in the Financial Services category at the Shorty Awards and is currently shortlisted in the Midem Marketing Awards, an international competition that rewards creative ideas driven by music.

Want to know more? The idea is straightforward: both Hello Bank!’s customers and non-customers alike can fund music projects, helping support the future of music.

To get involved, people can visit the Hello Play! platform and connect to their usual streaming service (Spotify, SoundCloud, Last FM etc.). Then, by listening to songs, users collect a virtual currency called Hello Coins, which they can redistribute to a choice of music projects. Hello Bank! then transforms the Hello Coins into real money to fund these projects.

hello bank

It’s really simple concept, and taps into a behaviour that people are already doing day in, day out to give something back to the world of music. It’s already created a lot of brand love for Hello Bank! and has been hugely successful in terms of results, too.

Since we created the case study, loads more Hello Coins have been earned. Now, 35 musical projects have been fully funded with more than 700,000 Hello Coins, all distributed by the users of the platform. And we’re still going!

So if you also feel like making difference to the future of music, visit