Jaguar: Facebook Lead Generation


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In September 2014, Jaguar released its latest model to the world, the XE, its most advanced, efficient and refined sports saloon ever.

Jaguar has not featured in this market since production ceased on the X-Type; it was re-entering a market dominated by German manufacturers.

The new XE aims to be a volume seller, but in order to make this happen Jaguar needed to speak to and intrigue a new audience; an audience that hadn’t previously considered Jaguar as an option.

The brief
Following the XE’s star-studded London launch in September 2014, our challenge was to derive meaningful interest in the XE from social.

We needed to provide Jaguar with the details of those interested in the car, and crucially, we needed to ensure these people were in the market to buy one.

A people-focused approach
In order to capture leads, we drove people to a ‘keep me informed’ page on the Jaguar website. Facebook currently provides 25% of total social referrals to websites so would seem a logical choice – but it offers a whole lot more than just driving traffic. This was about generating the right kind of traffic. Our challenge was to only target people in the position to buy a Jaguar, and Facebook’s targeting capabilities made it an obvious choice.

Ads ensured quantity
We used Facebook’s Link Ad format to drive efficient click-throughs. Hero shots of the car appeared in people’s newsfeeds, while a clear call to action ensured in-market customers understood the purpose of the ad, and where it would take them. Once they landed on the site, those who were interested completed the form and were subsequently updated about the XE via email. We tracked the process using pixels.


Targeting ensured quality
So we drove lots of people to sign up… great. How did we ensure they were relevant, in-market customers? How did we use a social network to drive credible prospects? By ensuring that the leads we captured really were those people defined as our XE audience.

We used Partner Category targeting to ensure quality. Facebook’s partners include Acxiom and Datalogic; they aggregate consumer data and allow us to target groups of people based on online and offline spending habits, household income and attitudes.

We overlaid specific partner categories with demographic targeting (age and gender) to hone in on a distinctive XE audience.

Nice, did it work?
Well, yes! In fact, the results set a precedent for the industry and the campaign has just been featured as one of Facebook’s ‘success stories’. You can read the case study below.

2.1x uplift in lead volume during the campaign
Over 70% lower cost per lead compared to email campaigns

Overall, this is a great example of how a paid social strategy can not only outperform other channels, but also become an innovative, unconventional way of driving results. Laura Schwab, Marketing Director, Jaguar Land Rover UK said:

This campaign shows the huge potential of customer targeting through social media. Facebook is not just for the masses. With such granularity available in the targeting options, brands can cut straight through to niche, luxury purchase audiences too.

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