Our New Digs in New York


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Since we first stepped foot on the island of Manhattan in 2012, We Are Social’s New York team has made a big splash. We’re working with some of the most exciting, forward-thinking brands in the US, including National Geographic and Banana Republic.

But while our client list has expanded, so has our team. In the past three years, we’ve grown from just six social media pioneers to a crew of 50. Our original Soho home was the perfect place to grow and to work, to play ping pong and to spend late nights, to make friends and to make progress. But as space steadily ran out, we knew it was time to bid adieu and move on to the next chapter of our amazing journey.

Our move has taken us to an office space that is just a stone’s throw away, but a world apart in terms of the potential it has for future growth. When we first saw the space we knew it was perfect. It’s almost double the size of our old office, allowing our team to work flexibly, and affording us more privacy when we need it.

working space

Our multiple themed conference rooms provide space for ongoing meetings, surprise birthday ambushes, or even just a place to hide out and focus on a pressing task.


Our boardroom now has the capacity to host more than 30 people, and is a perfect place to introduce clients to our unique We Are Social personality.

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With a breakfast cafe, two phone booths, and a picnic-themed breakout area for casual sitting, our new space provides a comfortable environment for when we need to step away from our desks and take a breath.

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The new We Are Social New York home feels like just that – a home. It’s modern, funky, and primed for bursts of creativity – just like us. Best of all, the office provides us the opportunity to grow from our scrappy roots into an agency poised to make its mark on the Big Apple. There’s room to nurture, to develop new skills (we haven’t mentioned our full in-house photography studio yet!), and make new memories.

Check out our fantastic interior designer Tina’s work on Homepolish for more photos.