Lenovo taps into student moments


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It’s never too early to start planning for University. Back when summer started, students were already making those all important decisions about what computers and tablets they would take with them when term starts in September. And with so many options available, deciding what to buy is pretty confusing.

So, at this crucial time of year, Lenovo, working in collaboration with We Are Social in Singapore and London, wanted to make waves with students worldwide to promote its range of new YOGA products.

In an incredibly competitive segment, Lenovo has some true unique selling points that set it apart from the crowd. To highlight these, we created three short films, each showcasing a different product and a unique feature. For example, the YOGA 3 laptop has a hinge that allows you to fold and position it in any way, making it flexible (yoga, geddit?) when working with it. The YOGA 2 tablets have flip out stands that are completely adjustable and you can hang them on handy hooks about the house. And the YOGA 2 Pro comes with an in-built projector, turning any blank wall into your second screen.

We shot all the videos in one day, in one location to ensure consistency, with a full crew and hard-working cast.

To support the films, we captured a series of images featuring the products in student-centric scenarios that could be packaged up for local markets to use in the summer, during the all important purchase consideration.

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We made sure that these scenarios were relatable to a wider audience; almost everyone has that night where they want to cook a slap up meal to impress new flatmates or even a hot date but it often doesn’t go as smoothly as you’d like…

We deliberately produced the videos without dialogue, removing the need to translate or subtitle conversations, and images were kept as location unbiased as possible to allow local markets to use them without any hassle. The results were comedic shots that highlighted the functional, and quirky unique selling points for each of the products, told in a natural way that the target audience could easily relate to.

All in all, we’ve had some of the highest engagement from Lenovo fans by using easily relatable scenarios, paired with paid media support. Which gives us something to smile about.