Month two on the #IamSocial Grad Scheme


What happened in month two of our adventure at We Are Social? What didn’t! Nick dabbled in some part time acting/modelling, Alexi took part in a pitch for a potential client and I got to work with some amazing YouTube talent. That’s what’s so great about this grad scheme, one day you could be writing a report for a client and the next you could be creating your own 360 gif … yes really, check us out showing off our best acrobatic skills below.

Fine-tuning my footy tekkers. Cheers @Copa90 @YouTube

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Admittedly, our acrobatic ‘skills’ aren’t anything to brag about

The work stuff
I spend my mornings in the Research and Insight (R&I) team, where I will work once our three month rotations conclude. I’ve learnt so much in such a short space of time and work with really inspiring, smart people. I’ve been trained on several social listening tools (there’s honestly more than you would believe) and am getting so much out of the process. R&I is all about trying to identify the nitty gritty insights which can help take a campaign from basic to bitchin’.

The best bit about working in R&I is that you are there for the early stages of a campaign and then once the campaign has concluded you are able to go back and compile a wrap up report. This cyclical process allows you to reflect on what went well and what didn’t go so well, so you can apply these learnings for next time. I’m now working on reports for several clients and when the excel formulas all fall into place, it leaves me feeling all:

uzNogL0KdcZk4Okay, I’ll admit it, this was just an excuse to include Ryan Gosling

Aside from R&I, I spent the first two weeks of October in with the creative team. I started this rotation during a really exciting time when we were pitching for a new client, and the team made sure I was kept busy in a lot of brainstorms. We spent most of the first week talking about all the things we hated about Christmas – however, I was pretty useless because I’m the type to sing Mariah in October and watch Elf too many times to count before it’s December.

giphy (1) (1)

My last rotation was in Client Services with the Google team where I spent two (amazing) weeks. Oh, and did I mention (I have), I was able to get involved in some fantastic campaigns with YouTube talent, and even cooked a superb calzone (with some help from Sorted Food).


I think that’s enough from me! You’ll probably remember Alexi from his kickass ‘Gen Z’ piece that went up on the blog last week – this was a result of his editorial rotation and that’s just one of the cool things that Alexi has been up to this month. Whilst working in R&I, Alexi tackled his fear of numbers by working on social media audits for a couple of FMCG giants.

And last month’s resident ‘#IamSocial’ blog writer Nick had a really exciting month in creative and production. While I can’t divulge any details of what he got up to yet, it’s safe to say he’s expanded his modelling portfolio.

David Gandy look out David Gandy, look out

The fun stuff
At We Are Social, company socials are taken very seriously and we have four every year – that’s on top of beers/wine in the office on Fridays, monthly lunch and learns and pizza-based meetings (Alexi, Nick and I have had two just this week). This month, we all went along to The Addams Family Fortunes AKA the October social – a Halloween themed pub quiz hosted by Laura Muldoon, We Are Social’s resident quiz master.

The quiz included head scratchers such as, how many times do you have to say Candyman before he appears – is it three or five? Despite widespread agency belief that it was three, apparently it’s five… I’ve been told Laura still expects an apology after the ‘abuse’ she received from the agency. My team were robbed of the top prize, and when I say robbed… I think we came 5th out of 9 teams.


Keep an eye out for next month when Swede Alexi will be writing the final grad blog and we conclude our rotations!