#IamSocial Grad Scheme – Straight from the horse’s mouth

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The search for the next #IamSocial grads is on, and I’m here to share my pearls of wisdom and an insight into what life is really like at We Are Social.

Allow me to set the scene. You’re either:

a. At Uni, attempting to cram two and half years of work into all-night library binges.

b. At a dead-beat job making pumpkin spice lattes for every Tom, Dick and Harry in the office.

c. Into your 47th hour of a lonesome Netflix and Chill.


Don’t sweat it, we’ve all been there! Just this time last year I was firmly placed in option a). However, today I am now working at the world’s leading social media agency on a portfolio of global clients, writing this blog in a mountain of bean bags. It’s funny how things work out.

Here at We Are Social, we’re different from your bog-standard company. We believe in social thinking, which means putting social insights at the heart of everything we do. We’re pretty good at it and have an enviable selection of awards under our belt to prove it. But we are also different because we have a bloody fun time whilst doing our jobs. With weekly pizza meetings, beer o’clock Fridays and the inevitable 5lb gained from copious amounts of cake, you’ll never be (hungry) bored.

There’ll be no making coffee or photocopying forecasts on the #IamSocial grad scheme… think more hands-on. In the first three months on the grad scheme, we worked within every team in the office. Not only did that involve a lot of handshaking, but it means that we now have a comprehensive view of how the company operates. We’ve made websites, been on production shoots and eaten sweets at the offices of all the social media giants.

While that’s the stuff we get up to in the office, the social life outside of work is the cherry on the top. We run, we yoga, we drink, we eat and we get cultured. Oh, and did I mention our annual (skiing holiday) Winter Conference in Italy?

So what are you waiting for – apply here now! We’re looking for bright grads who are brimming with potential and not afraid to get their hands dirty. Someone just like you!


If I haven’t convinced you just yet, check out Meghan’s, Alexi’s and my previous blog posts and feel free to ask us questions. It’s safe to say we love it here. And yes, it’s Facebook official.