Curiosity Stop Special: Techcrunch Disrupt 2016


Techcrunch Disrupt is where some of the world’s most game-changing technologies and innovations are first revealed. Didn’t get a chance to go? Fear not. The clever folks at We Are Social have identified six of the most interesting themes and talks from this year’s event in a Curiosity Stop Special. Here’s a little taster of what we’ve included in the report.

Security & Privacy
The more we share on social, the more users freak out about companies using their personal data. Can technology balance security & privacy? examined finding a balance between security and privacy, and asked how startups can keep customer data safe. The key takeaway was that companies need to find a balance between security and flexibility, and invest in proper training to get the job done.

Artificial Intelligence
AI is set to have a metamorphic impact on business over the coming years, not least in marketing. Beyond Siri: The world premiere of VIV featured a demo of new AI service VIV from Siri co-founder, Dag Kittlaus. VIV enables developers to distribute their products through an intelligent and conversational interface. Rather than downloading apps, Dag predicts that in the future you will be able to use your own voice for online interaction. If this comes into play it will make things like sending your mate some money a much quicker process. All you’ll need to say is: “Yo, please pay back Bob 10 pounds for the drinks last night!” Simples.

From Discovery to Search
The average person spends a LOT of time online. The competition for their attention is fierce. Brands must stop and think, how can we deliver content that is specifically sought out by users?

Take email news app theSkimm. Founders Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin knew exactly what their target audience wanted. In their talk they explained how they got an audience to fall in love with them and their content, using the insight that fitting into people’s lives was the perfect way to get attention. Unobtrusive and relevant, they built content people actually wanted in their lives.

Big brands can learn a lot from smaller start-ups like this, as their determination to succeed meant they were 100% focused on what their audience wanted.

These are just a few of our observations from Techcrunch Disrupt 2016. If you’d like to read more, then read our full report. I’m certain, after reading it you’ll feel rejuvenated, energised and ready to take on the world with all that the tech industry throws at you. (Well, maybe that’s pushing it – but it’s still a good start). Enjoy!