We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #314

Facebook tests video downloading for offline viewing
Facebook is introducing a new video download option which will let users sync videos to their device for offline viewing. Starting on 11th July with a small test group in India, this update is intended to solve the problem of poor internet coverage and costly data charges in developing countries.

Instagram offers auto-comment moderation option
Ever wanted to drop couple of f-bombs in the comments when you see the Beckhams looking perfect for the millionth time on Insta and you’ve just realised yesterday’s knickers are hanging out the bottom of your trousers!? Of course, I resist the urge, but plenty of people don’t, and it makes for a bit of a hate-filled f-warzone. To help brands clean things up a bit, Instagram has introduced a new moderation tool for business pages which will filter out abuse based on phrases often reported as abusive. The move is the latest in Instagram’s new business tools which include profiles and analytics, launched earlier this year.


Facebook announces new updates for ALL THE BOTS!
After its launch two and a half months ago, Facebook’s Messenger Platform has become home to over 11,000 bots (I sometimes wonder if my boyfriend is one of them, but that’s a story for another time…). Anyway, after initial feedback, they’ve made some updates to help developers make even harder, stronger, faster bots to help you order pizza, complain about stuff, get a cab etc. These include a rating system, quick replies and the ability to send GIFs, Audio, Video, and Files. Read about all the updates here.

This Facebook update will self-destruct in…
Facebook is testing a ‘Secret Conversations’ update which will involve self-destructing messages. (Where an earth did they get that idea?). They’ve suggested it could be useful for asking a doctor for medical advice, sending sensitive account information to your spouse, or sharing your Social Security Number. *Coughs* and cheating *coughs* ?☕️.

Snapchat’s biggest shift to date is here and its name? Memories.
In a slight move away from what it’s known for Snapchat has introduced a new feature called Memories where users can save their favourite snaps and stories on the Snapchat server to look back at at a later date. They will be able to be searched for by date or location and also you can keep a ‘for my eyes only’ archive – for your nudes I presume.

Twitter takes its first shot (geddit!?) at live-streaming from Wimbledon
Twitter debuted its first live stream on Wednesday with content from Wimbledon. This was enabled through a deal with ESPN but only featured replays, commentary and highlights with no actual live games being shown. This initial stream was seen as a test before Twitter’s scheduled screening of 10 NFL games in the upcoming season. Apparently Twitter is also in the final stages of closing “about 10” different streaming partnerships with media providers, with at least one focussing on politics.

Twitter tests two exciting new features
Someone’s got some eagle eyes on them and has spotted a couple of new features being tested on Twitter. The first shows how responsive a profile is, has appeared on Medium’s profile page.


Meanwhile on IFTTT‘s profile, a new ‘featured’ tab has appeared which lets user curate their own top tweets.


Pinterest scales up its advertising
Pinterest is placing more focus on its advertising strategy by expanding its keyword search and audience-based buying offerings. For the first time the company will also be offering its search inventory to advertisers as well as featuring the same kind of keyword-based buying search as on Google, making it a platform which is more appealing to advertisers looking to buy search at scale ????.

Kik launches a way for users to share chatbots
Kik now has 70 bots available to buy in its bot shop and has introduced a way for friends to share their favourite bots with each other. Until now, users could only find bots by going to the Bot Shop. Kik is hoping the new feature will mean bots grow virally as friends naturally share the ones they love.


A South Korean version of Snapchat permeates China
An app made in South Korea which features self-destructing messages which you can apply filters to is gaining traction in Asia. Sound familiar? Snow is a Snapchat-alike app which focuses on Asian consumers, letting people add filters including bottle of soju, the Korean liquor and fried chicken, a South Korean favourite. It has had over 30 million downloads since September and, unlike Snapchat, is not blocked in China.


Who you gonna call? Snapchat!
Sony Pictures has pulled out all the bells and whistles to promote the much-hyped Ghostbusters sequel, including a Snapchat sponsored lens. The movie’s one day Snapchat campaign on July 7th has been billed as the first on the app to use both sides of a phone’s built-in camera lens. The lens allowed users to shoot Slimer with a virtual proton pack, and toggle to the phone’s read-facing angle to trigger slime falling down the screen. All while the iconic soundtrack music plays in the background. Ghostbusters!

Beware brands who open themselves to promoted hashtag ridicule
Phone company Verizon clearly didn’t get the #WaitroseReasons memo. Fresh from announcing a new data plan that had infuriated customers, the company created a sponsored hashtag #IGotVerizon on Twitter. It was meant to encourage people to switch providers, but instead hundreds of furious consumers hijacked the hashtag to complain about the company’s high bills and praise other companies. When will they ever learn?