Raising the profile of #HSBCAndroidPay

Our Work

Android Pay became available to HSBC customers with Android devices earlier this year. We wanted to drive trial and awareness amongst customers of the newly available #HSBCAndroidPay, and so to mark the occasion, we worked with Niche, Twitter’s own network of content creators, to launch a campaign.

We found a great group of talented content creators including  Supashakes, Ben Charman and Allan Hinton to each tell a unique story using HSBC Android Pay.

We kicked off the campaign with Vine star Supashakes who made a series of videos as an artistic interpretation of how he used #HSBCAndroidPay.

Next, Ben Charman and Allan Hinton showed how they used Android Pay in their own lives in a range of artistic ways, from photographs, vines to YouTube videos, each including the hashtag #HSBCAndroidPay.

The content creators have made some fantastic social content using #HSBCAndroidPay as their inspiration. They brought the campaign to life and honed in the message of how HSBC Android Pay can help customers be unstoppable in their everyday lives.