The Lovies – We Need YOU!


We Are Social has once again been shortlisted for several prestigious Lovie awards. But we need your help to win them! The prizes are decided by public vote, which takes all of 30 seconds for anyone with a Facebook account.

Our global #OurToLose environmental campaign for YouTube has been shortlisted for two Lovies – Public Service & Activism and Best Overall Social Presence. The campaign harnessed the power of YouTube’s global network using a powerful message that made climate change personal. Rather than the usual doomsday rhetoric and pictures of polar bears, YouTube content creators from around the world told their fans that the things they and their millions of subscribers love are #OursToLose if we don’t act now, and urged them to sign an Avaaz petition calling for global leaders to take action.

Vote for #OursToLose in Public Service & Activism.

Vote for #OursToLose in Best Overall Social Presence.

We Are Social’s Milan team have also secured a nomination, for their #BmwStoriesCollection which has been shortlisted for Best Use of Photography. The #BMWStoriesCollection was created to launch the BMW Instagram account. BMW asked followers to help build the first sticker figurine album on Instagram by tagging their BMW photos. The best were featured on the virtual collection on Instagram and then printed into a real sticker album. The campaign can be viewed in full on the BMW Instagram page.

Vote for #BmwStoriesCollection in Best Use of Photography.