We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #322

Facebook’s CPMs soar 65% in Q2, while CPMs for Twitter are down
Highlights from Salesforce Advertising Index Q2 report include Facebook’s global costs per thousand impressions (CPM) soared 65% in Q2 compared with the second quarter of 2015, to $6.33. For Instagram, global CPMs of $6.30 were up 42% compared with the first quarter of 2016. For LinkedIn global CPMs rose 13% in contrast with the second quarter of 2015, to $29.43. In contrast to this, global CPMs for Twitter were down 18% compared with a year ago, to $4.29.

Instagram Stories is off to a powerful start, so far
Last month Instagram launched a new feature called Instagram Stories (if you don’t know, seriously where were you?!), which seemed just slightly similar to a fellow competitor – Snapchat.

According to a new YouGov US poll undertaken between August 23-26, when asked whether they prefer to use Snapchat Stories or Instagram Stories, 45% of 18-34 year olds said Snapchat, meanwhile 21% said Instagram, and 34% surprisingly suggested they had no preference between the platforms.


Although users are still showing a strong alliance to Snapchat Stories rather than Instagram Stories, the new data from YouGov does reveal that the new Instagram Stories feature has been well received. With 53% of millennials active on Instagram stating they look at content on Instagram Stories at least once a week, and 27% saying they post content on the feature at least once a week, it’s certainly setting the scene for some competition with Snapchat stories.

Snapchat ad sales to hit $935 million next year 
According to new figures from eMarketer, Snapchat’s impact on the ad market is increasing. In 2015 Snapchat’s ad revenue was $59.2 million, it’s predicted to collect $367 million in ad revenue in 2016 and to continue to increase that figure 155% next year to $935.5 billion. 


Twitter’s Direct Messages feature starts to act like a messaging app…
Twitter has rolled out updates to make its Direct Messages more like a mobile messaging app. The updates include a number of new features such as read receipts, typing indicators and web link previews. Personally I think read receipts are a great way of knowing if your friends are blanking you or not, but of course, you don’t have to have the feature turned on – Twitter does have a setting for opting out of this.

Starbucks launches a chat bot on Facebook Messenger 
Starbucks has jumped on the Facebook Messenger bot bandwagon and launched their Real Pumpkin Spice character that lets users access GIFs, photos and ask the drink questions. Because what can be more fun than stating your underlying love for the Pumpkin Spice Latte by chatting with the actual drink on Messenger! Hurrah. Its called ‘The Real PSL’ and the chat bot is certainly a sassy one.


Durex conducts aubergine flavoured condom stunt
So, there’s no icon in the official emoji alphabet that lets people discuss and broach the subject of safe sex in text-speak. So what does Durex do? ‘Launch’ an aubergine (eggplant) flavoured condom as part of its #CondomEmoji campaign.