National Work Life Week – We Are Social style

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Lucy Doubleday, Managing Partner, We Are Social:

We are lucky to work in an incredible industry that allows us to work with great brands, produce fantastic work, meet inspiring people and enjoy a few LOLs along the way. It’s fast paced, often under time pressures and can be stressful. It’s really important that everyone feels they have the necessary support in whatever role they play at We Are Social, and we continually listen to the feedback we receive and react accordingly.

Obviously, working at We Are Social is ace. We offer a free ski trip, in-office massages and sabbaticals. But no matter where you work, getting the right balance between home and office is a tricky matter. In fact, work life balance topped the list of woes in a recent study of Generation Ys.  

So how do you practically help your team to feel more equipped when it comes to dealing with stress? It’s not as simple as telling people to relax or drink less coffee. You only begin to really make a difference when you provide access to tools and learning opportunities to encourage individuals to support themselves.

In recognition of National Work-Life Week, we provided a range of workshops and sessions to do just that. Our aim was to give our fantastic teams the chance to try something new with the potential to help improve the way they view and react to situations in and outside of the office. National Work-Life Week was originally created in recognition of working families, so we thought we’d put our own spin on it to offer something to everyone at We Are Social.

The week’s events ranged from meditation to top-of-the-range treadmill desks, mindfulness to health checks. We clocked up just under 100km in one working day on our brand new desks, and learned a bit more about what we should and shouldn’t be eating. Some of us also gained some brilliant insights into coping with stress at NABS 1:1 Stress Coaching, and learnt some useful midday stretches for working meditation.

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But Work-Life Balance isn’t just for a dedicated week. It’s something we’re continuously working on here at We Are Social. We believe in promoting wellbeing in and outside of the working day, with paramount importance placed on owning the tools available when it comes to your own welfare. Whether that is as simple as making time for breaks, or having access to an advice service for your longer-term career and personal plans, we are encouraging and facilitating taking the time to understand what our employees need.

Our wellbeing policies include:

Does this sound like somewhere you’d like to work? Then check out our careers page for opportunities at We Are Social.