Multi-networking on the rise

GlobalWebIndex tracks membership of around 50 named social networks, platforms and apps, ranging from global names like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and WhatsApp to region-specific services such as VK in Russia. Back in 2012, digital consumers had an average of just over 3 accounts. In 2016, this figure has risen to over 8 – with 16-24s leading the way.

This isn’t a simple by-product of widening choice. Rather, it’s being caused by a degree of specialisation, with users turning to particular platforms to network in a specific way. It has also been driven heavily by the ease of use smartphones offer for accessing a wide range of platforms quickly, easily and in the right format. 

Facebook is still king of the social networking world when it comes to visits – but the multi-network approach that people take to their social behaviours illustrates why many brands now want to put their eggs in multiple social baskets.

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