#WeAreSkiing 2017: Our Winter Conference

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Wondering how you know if people who work together get along? Stuff them in a plane, turn the temperature up to 27C and let them stew for 3.5 hours. That’s basically how our annual ski trip, aka the Winter Conference, started last Thursday. Due to problems with de-icing, mechanical messes and plain bad logistics at the airport, it ended up taking more than three hours before we took off, and because the air conditioning can’t run alongside de-icing, it actually felt like an oven.

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However, we’re not called We Are Social for nothing. Everyone made the best of a bad situation and turned it into quite the social shindig on the plane – and then a regular party on the four hour coach journey to the resort. Amazingly, most people were up early the next day to hit the slopes.

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One of the key aspects of the We Are Social Winter Conference is that all of the European offices attend, which meant we got to find out what the other offices were working on and how the agency as a whole is doing (pretty awesome, since you ask). After that, the bar was open, and we once again proved just how social an agency we really are –  in bed at 5 and back up at 9.

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The next two days brought the best weather imaginable, a paltry three hours of sleep and, thankfully, a short, easy flight home.

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Having probably slept a combined 10 hours over the course of 3 days, it was rough getting back to work the day after landing at Gatwick. But we are social by name and by nature at this agency, and I’m already counting down to next year.

Fancy joining Casper and the teams at next year’s Winter Conference? Then check out our current vacancies on our careers page