Life as the first ever We Are Social apprentice

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I’m the first ever apprentice to make their way into We Are Social and wow, the past month has been crazy! It isn’t the easiest job in the world and I spent my first couple of weeks a little like this:

But I am having an amazing time, largely thanks to the awesome people in my team, all the free food on offer and all of our fantastic people across the business.

In terms of actual work, I do loads of different things, from creating new employee contracts, working on massive projects, and always making sure I’m available to help people around the company – which is perfect as I love helping others. You just know how excited someone is going to be when they receive their new contract and feel a new chapter of their life beginning.

At the moment, I’m working on a big recruitment project which has got me doing all kinds of things, like international conference calls, searching for London’s best talent, and planning how recruitment is going to work at the agency now and in the future.

Being the first apprentice at We Are Social is challenging because it’s a brand new role. But that’s also good, as I’m helping to shape things for future apprentices for the agency.

I come to work Monday to Friday just like everyone else but at the same time I’m doing my Business Administration Level 3 Diploma. I have an assessor who sometimes comes in and observes me working and other times looks over my research about different topics such as Principles of Business and the legal side of business. This is time consuming, but definitely worth it since I’ll have a brilliant qualification at the end of it.

But the main thing making it so much easier is the constant support of people at We Are Social, the HR team and my boss, Hannah who is an absolute star!

But ultimately, with the support and kindness of everyone here, in a month I’ve gone from overwhelmed newbie to confident and (usually) efficient HR Administrator. Maybe I’ll help you get a role here some day soon!

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