We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #342

Facebook’s new jobs feature could poach business from LinkedIn
After testing last year, Facebook is enabling business pages to post job vacancies to users’ newsfeed in Canada and the U.S. There’ll be an extra tab on business pages which is home to all their jobs and potential employees can apply using the “apply now” button to instantly send an application through Facebook Messenger. Businesses will also be able to pay to have these posts turned into ads. Facebook see themselves being particularly useful for small businesses trying to reach lower-skilled workers and people who might not think they want a new job, both audiences who may not be on LinkedIn.

Facebook Autoplay videos will soon start with auto-sound
Facebook has announced that videos in your newsfeed will automatically start playing sound quietly as you scroll towards them on your feed. If you stay on the video and continue watching, the sound will get louder until you scroll past it. Users can opt out in settings if they’d like and PLOT TWIST, sound will only play if you have your phone sound on.

YouTube to kill the 30-second unskippable ad (in 2018)
It seems that even YouTube can’t deny how annoying it is when you’re trying to show your friend that video of when the mouse comes out of the house at the VMAs and you have to watch 30 seconds of a pregnancy test advert beforehand – it’s kind of a buzzkill. Therefore, in order to improve user experience they have said that this format will be put to bed by 2018. Unfortunately its marginally less annoying cousin – the 20-second unskippable ad will be sticking around for the foreseeable.

PewDiePie dropped by Disney’s Maker Studios over anti-semitism
Disney’s Maker Studios has let YouTube Star, PewDiePie go after it was reported he released nine videos with anti-semitic messaging. Known for his ‘out-there’ sense of humour (total mentalist!), one of the videos featured two men paid by Pew to hold a sign that said, “death to all jews” – yikes.

Apple bases new iPad Pro ads around real-life complaint tweets
Apple’s new iPad Pro ads feature real-life tweets from users around their products. The purpose of the ad is to show how the product addresses users’ real-life problems but unfortunately ‘why does the screen smash so easily when I stand on it because I leave it on my bedroom floor’, is not featured.