The social commerce revolution is coming. Is your brand ready to mobilise?

On Wednesday 26th April, We Are Social will be holding an event called ‘Chatbots & The Social Commerce Revolution 2017’ at our London HQ. Keynote speakers from Domino’s, ASOS, Skyscanner and We Are Social will be sharing in-depth insights and case studies on how brands can be part of this next social revolution.

Social commerce is already big business in China where messaging mega-app WeChat allows users to pay for cabs, transfer money and order food. In fact, total mobile spending there is set to hit $700bn in 2017 suggesting there is huge potential for Western social platforms when it comes to selling through social.

Back in February, technology analyst Gartner forecast that Facebook would soon become the West’s answer to WeChat, and the evidence is plain to see. Facebook has indeed been pushing users to spend more and more time within its Messenger app, even at the cost of visitors to its regular app. But with more than one billion users now using the app, it’s clear that this was a smart move.

And by enabling payments on the Messenger platform, it’s clear that Zuckerberg has his sights firmly set on rivaling the commercial clout of WeChat.

Many brands already have well-established ecommerce strategies in place, but the arrival of social commerce presents new challenges and opportunities. With any new innovation, it’s not always immediately clear whether your brand needs to get on board with this tech or how it might integrate with your existing strategies. So how do brands navigate this new shift in the social landscape?

At Chatbots & The Social Commerce Revolution 2017, we’ll explore the vast potential in social commerce and chatbots, and provide brands and businesses with in depth guidance on how to use the latest social technology to drive sales.

We’ll share insights of leading UK businesses who’ve successfully used chatbots to drive sales and improve customers service. And we’ll also share our own knowledge on chatbots gleaned from working with a host of major brands across a range of industries.

Our special guest speakers include:

Join us on Wednesday 26th April to find out how to make the most of social commerce. Register on the Eventbrite page now to reserve your place.