Snap, Share, Crunch

Our Work

Football and snacks. Doesn’t sound like the most difficult match-up in the history of advertising. However, when you want people to share their snack-related shenanigans on social media, during a game, it suddenly gets tricky. The campaign was part of a 13 week inter-agency campaign to amplify Walkers UEFA Champions League partnership and a new on-pack promotion called ‘Snap & Share.’ Walkers challenged us to create a social media activation for UEFA Champions League, to help boost awareness and entries to the Snap & Share competition across social.

We kicked off the campaign (get it?) with a 30 second launch film for Facebook and Twitter which featured Gary Lineker and Reggie Yates, and brought to life the different personalities present at a typical UEFA Champions League ‘social occasion’ in a fun and humourous way. Tapping into these occasions where groups of friends get together to watch the Champions League was a constant throughout the entire campaign, and ensured that content felt like an authentic Champions League activation, whilst also connecting the brand to the social aspect of high profile football matches.

Tapping into the pre-existing fondness for filters and masks on Snapchat, we asked users to “Snap and Share”, by using the pack of crisps as a mask instead of a filter and then share that on social media.


Apart from the obvious LOL’s and kicks of sharing the photo with your friends on dark social, such as Messenger or in a Snap, we also wanted people to share the content on wider platforms to create a broader reach for the product. We incentivized people with daily gifts that could be won by anyone who uploaded a photo with the pack in the comment thread on Facebook or on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #WalkersUnited – another tie-in to the football mentality.

As with the hashtag, we kept incorporating the football aspect throughout the campaign. For example, certain lucky winners were announced in the Walkers United winning line-up posted during Champions League game weeks:

We also developed supporting social assets across Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, which continued to sustain the ‘Snap & Share’ messaging throughout the campaign.

Our sponsored Snapchat lens was a particular success. Launched for one day during the Champions League, over 6.3 million Snapchat users engaged with the lens, including Reggie Yates:

This campaign showed that if you have a product that already has close ties to the cultural space you want to tap into, people are already incentivized to share it on social. As with many other aspects of social media advertising, the real challenge comes from extracting the conversation from dark social and onto the broader social platforms. We found that this is easily incentivized through prizes, but also, when you tap into a pre-existing mentality, in this case, not only the filters and masks on Snapchat, but also the natural tension that arises from people supporting different teams in sport – people are far more inclined to engage and take part in the activation, because they are familiar with the platforms and also feel strongly about shouting about their views.

We are hugely proud to have worked with Walkers on this project driving consumer awareness to the Snap & Share platform. The UEFA Champions League has allowed us to deliver a campaign that exploits natural social tension at great scale and effect whilst delivering it in an engaging and playful way.