We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #354

Facebook now lets you add any posts to an album

Facebook has updated its albums so that people can not only add pictures to them, but also check-ins, text posts and other types of update. It’s also been made easier to add contributors and you can now add a ‘featured album’ to your profile which is public to non-friends and friends alike. It’s available on android and desktop so far and will be rolling out to iOS shortly.

Facebook is testing letting groups create online learning courses

Facebook has started quietly testing letting groups run their own online learning programs. The feature hasn’t been officially tested yet but has been spotted on a few education groups’ pages. You can’t currently monetise the courses but when you can, I will most definitely be leading a course in my specialty: sitting and having a nice think.

Brands can now run click-to-messenger ads on Insta

These already exist on Facebook but now brands can also send their customers to Messenger through ads on Instagram. And when I say Messenger, I do mean Facebook Messenger of course, which is now populated with over 100,000 monthly active bots, ready to chat.

Snapchat sells spectacles on the streets of Europe

Snapbots, which are Snapchat Spectacle vending machines, have been appearing all over Europe at locations which are “surprising, fun and inspire memory-making”. The plan now is for bots to be rolled out across five more countries this summer, with the locations being teased on the website, spectacles.com, 24 hours before the bots turn up to take your money – a pair will set you back £129.99 to be precise. They’ve also signed a deal with BT Sport to produce Our Stories clips for the semi-finals between AS Monaco and Juventus, and Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid, and will now include coverage of the Uefa Champions League Final on Saturday 3 June direct from Cardiff.

Skype relaunches with a few features which may be familiar…

Skype’s had a makeover which includes users now being able to swipe to access the camera, create Instagram-style stories called Highlights and also talk to bots, in case you don’t have any real mates to talk to.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube all live streamed One Love Manchester concert
A concert which took place to remember and raise money for the victims of the Manchester terrorist attack, was live streamed across Twitter, Youtube and Facebook, so people all over the world could tune in and more importantly donate. The Facebook live stream alone has raised over $350,000.