We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #356

Facebook tests new positioning of groups
In what Mark Zuckerberg describes as an attempt to make Facebook a place for more “meaningful” online connections, Facebook is testing an expansion of its Groups feature that will put communities at the centre of the social network. A new Groups tab has already appeared for certain users and there is also a Discover page for finding new ones to join.

Twitter is also testing! Putting live events to the top

Not one to be left out, Twitter is also testing putting the most popular live events at the top of users’ timelines. The events which people are talking about most on the platform will be showcased, with the ability for users to scroll left or right through the different ones.

Snapchat tries to seduce advertisers with new self-serve ad tools

After a disappointing first earnings report last month, Snap is trying to lure in advertisers by letting them handle their own campaigns from start to finish. The tools makes it easier for advertisers to get in the game, with templates available and also tech experts who can help them along if needed (for a fee).

McDonald’s uses Snapchat to target millennials

In an attempt to reach more “young people” McDonalds has taken to the platform where all the kidz hangout – Snapchat. They’ve launched a filter which shows you in a McDonald’s uniform, which you can use for your 10 second Snapplication (brilliant). If they think you’re rocking the sexy cap (and have the ability to impress the boss – Ronald), you’ll get a link with a full application.

Instagram’s Archive feature goes live

Instagram has rolled out an archive feature which it was testing so that you can hide photos temporarily, or indefinitely in an archive by tapping the three dots next to a photo. This means no one can see that pic of you smooching your two-timing ex, but you can keep it for personal records because, well, they were quite fit.

Facebook rolls out GIF button for comments for ALL users

Instagram tests new way for influencers to identify sponsored posts

Instagram is creating a standardised format so that it is TOTALLY clear when influencers are being paid cash money or in someway being compensated for posting about products or services. I know a lot of them obviously enjoy rubbing charcoal on to their teeth and do find that hover boards are an ingenious way of navigating Oxford Street on a Saturday afternoon… but this test lets people tag the brand their working with if and when they are actually being compensated for it.

Facebook coloured status cards are getting an upgrade

Facebook is worried people just aren’t sharing their thoughts enough. That’s why they invented the very intrusive coloured background cards for people to use to share more. Finding them annoying? Well it’s bad news for you as they’re having more features added to them, like new textures, illustration and patterns. Now I just have one question for you: WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND??

Twitter makes design changes to woo n00bs

Some slight changes have been made to Twitter’s design, I say slight, they have sent me into a total meltdown as my tweeting finger (with muscle memory of an elephant) keeps smashing the wrong icons. Main changes include: typography change, profile pictures are now round and also the reply icon has changed from an arrow to a speech bubble to cater for the lowest common denominator and make it as simply as possible to tweet about Love Island. Yayyyy.