We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #359

Snapchat ups the game with new features that Insta doesn’t have (yet)

Snapchat has released some schwizzy new features to nudge ahead in the ongoing ephemeral platform war. The first is Paperclip, which lets you add links to your posts for your friends to follow. As well as this, you can add backdrops to your posts and also add a voice filter to snaps.

Instagram introduces video replies to Stories

OMG, you can now reply to your friends’ Instagram stories withhhhhh, ANOTHER story! The reply will go to their private message box and you can add exactly the same stickers and effects as with normal stories *inserts multiple aubergines and water spurts immediately*.

Facebook to test publication subscriptions through Instant Articles

Read all about it! Facebook is said to be testing an option where people will be able to sign up to paid-for subscriptions for publications which they will then have access to through Instant Articles. It means that publications with paywalls and ‘freemium’ content will be more supported on the platform.

GE Healthcare seeds out Instagram documentary one minute at a time

GE Healthcare has created a 30-minute documentary called Heroines of Health that tells the story of incredible women bringing health care to impoverished communities. The documentary is to be seeded out one minute at a time on Instagram – a novel way to use the platform which also lets people who like to consume small pieces of content capture the essence of the film. The full footage will be released on Facebook after the Instagram launch. One week into launching the campaign, the videos have had more than 250,000 views, 80,000 likes and 400 bookmarks—the feature that lets users save posts to their account.