Domino’s UK: delivering the future of pizza

Our Work

The average attention span is said to be around eight seconds in today’s tech-first world, where a press of a button can get you just about anything, so it’s no wonder that customers now expect to be able to order fast-food… well, fast.

Domino’s Pizza UK came to us to ask for a solution to this problem. How could they stay ahead of the innovation curve and make ordering pizza even easier than it already is?

A few crystal ball sessions later, and it was obvious that voice-tech was the perfect solution. Imagine sitting on your sofa after a late night sesh, and your laptop and phone are upstairs. All you want is a piping hot Pepperoni Passion (large obvs), but it means actually getting up, walking upstairs, getting your phone, and pressing buttons…

Enter the new Amazon Alexa skill from Domino’s. All you have to do is say six immortal words: “Alexa, Ask Domino’s To Feed Me!” and your favourite Easy Order is on its way to bring you back to life.

So we had the idea, but we needed a personality to represent Domino’s cheeky and fun tone of voice. Enter Dom, our cheeky Domino’s personality who wants to get you your favourite pizza, but also wants to have a laugh at the same time.

We built a script to make sure that Dom’s personality was front and centre during the experience, but ultimately not getting in the way of the ordering process itself, and worked hand-in-hand with Domino’s tech team to build the brand new Alexa skill.

Ahead of the launch, we needed a way to reach the masses. Our creative team came up with the perfect concept, which all stemmed from the idea that ordering a Domino’s using the new Alexa skill was “so easy, anyone could do it.”

It reminded us of the famous JML videos where flashy sales messages fill the screen, BOGOF deals wipe in, and of course the classic JML voice-over pleads with us not to miss out on this deal of a lifetime with all the benefits the product brings.

So we created our own homage to JML, to show that ordering a pizza on Domino’s Alexa skill was so easy, anyone could do it.

Unsurprisingly, we had so much fun working with Domino’s on this and as soon as we saw the first edit of the video, we knew we were onto a winner.

Since Domino’s launch into the world of voice-tech, the new Skill has been featured in publications including The Telegraph, The Independent, The Drum and Campaign. All of which has helped Domino’s realise its goal to remain front of mind for pizza lovers across the UK, and demonstrate its capabilities as an innovative business and leader in the digital space.