We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #368

Mobile will become UK’s most popular browsing device
People in the UK are set to spend more time browsing the web on mobile than on their desktop or laptop. Mobile’s lead is predicted to widen, with demand for social video content and messaging apps said to be key drivers behind the growth.

Messenger user numbers top 1.3 billion
There are now 1.3bn people using Facebook Messenger each month. That’s nearly one fifth of the world’s population or roughly everyone in India. If it continues to grow, the app could have tripled its user base in just three years.

Instagram adds customised DM backdrops and motorbike sidecar filter
Sliding into the DMs will never be the same again. Instagram has introduced a new design feature which lets users (only Android for now) add a selfie to their direct messages. The images can also be colour filtered and include text overlays. And that’s not all from Instagram – as far as transport-based metaphors for friendship go, you’d be hard pressed to top the classic motorbike and sidecar combo. Hardly surprising then, that Instagram has now introduced this as one of its face filters.

Facebook appeals to advertisers with new updates across group
Facebook’s full-screen Canvas ad format is coming to Instagram Stories. As well as adding the new interactive format, advertisers will also be able to upload organic story content to Power Editor for us in future campaigns. Facebook has also launched a new Collection template which it hopes will appeal to retailers with print catalogues. The new format allows brands to tag products and use full-width video formats to showcase items on mobile. In a further update for advertisers, a new Ad Manager interface is being rolled out on Facebook. The newly designed platform will feature Power Editor’s creating and editing features and will make it easier for advertisers to create and upload campaigns using mobile.

Facebook’s Bonfire app has been uncovered in Denmark
The sneaky sods at Facebook have tried to roll out their new group video chat app in Denmark without anyone noticing. Well, the internet has spotted it and the cat’s out the bag. It’s a riff on the highly popular Houseparty app and allows users to host video chats between multiple users in one interface.

Adidas launches new keepy-uppy Snapchat game
Adidas has launched a new Snapchat game which challenges users to showcase their ball control skills. The game can be access by swiping up on the accompanying Snap ad which will play between Stories.

AdidasSnapchatGame from SocialTimes on Vimeo.