We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #374

Facebook brings ‘dark posts’ into the light
Facebook is putting an end to dark posting ads, in response to the U.S. presidential election interference of last year. There will be a new system which discloses what groups and companies paid for ads and any ads running will be able to be viewed by anyone. Twitter has also announced a similar plan and major internet companies have been called to Congress to give testimony as the federal government in America considers implementing new laws to force transparency around election ads.

Facebook is giving users loads of fun Halloween extras

To get people in the spirit for Halloween, Facebook is bringing in some fun new themed treats including masks to add to Facebook Live videos, new spooky text-only status backgrounds, frames for the Facebook camera and a haunted house game you can play in Messenger.

Facebook group admins and members get new tools

Good news if you’re in charge of a Facebook group, they’ve brought out some nice new little touches to add to the running of a group. For instance, admins can now write welcome posts that automatically tag new members. If you’re a admin, ‘mod’ or new member, it has been spotted that Facebook has been testing giving them badges under their names. To help with further group lubrication, if you click on a member’s name now, you’ll be able to see a group-specific profile for the person, which contains mutual friends in the group and common interests/activity.

Instagram’s Superzoom hailed as the new Boomerang

Instagram’s Superzoom feature has crashed on to the content scene and is going down a storm. It works by automatically doing a staggered zoom effect and overlaying dramatic music. I’m not doing it justice, just find a cute dog and try it out for instant comic genius.

Now you can bring a friend onto your Instagram live stream

Instagram has added a feature where you can invite a pal to join you in a live stream. Basically, you can add in anyone who is watching your stream. Sounds horrifying, especially if you’re someone who peruses social from the loo, which I am most definitely not …

STOP PRESS – WhatsApp lets you delete and revoke messages

Guys, this is huge. It’s also as if Whatsapp knew what I was up to this weekend … But if that’s the case, why has this update only been released NOW? After testing this ability for most of 2017, Whatsapp is going to let you delete and revoke messages. But, there’s a few catches. You only have seven minutes to delete once sent. If your victim is a phone addict, they’re going to see it before you delete. They will still get a notification saying the text was deleted, so you’re still going to have to talk your way out of that, but much easier than “WHY WON’T YOU LOVE ME” right?

Twitter gets some fight back with renewed user growth
A bit of good news for Twitter as latest figures show that its monthly active users have grown by 4% year-on-year to 330 million and also its quarterly sales have topped analysts’ estimates. CEO Jack Dorsey has worked to shift Twitter’s focus onto videos and live event and attributes the increases to making the platform easier to use, improved marketing and heightened awareness of Twitter from global events.

LinkedIn helps you manage messages with smart replies

Ever get so inundated with exciting job opportunities and marriage propositions that you just don’t have time to get through them all? I know I do. If so, LinkedIn’s smart replies, could be the answer. They cleverly identify the type of response a certain message may require and give you three suggestions to pick from. Of course, sometimes only ‘I know you are but what am I?’ will suffice and if that’s the case then you’ll need to type that out yourself.

Snapchat and Netflix launch Stranger Things AR experience

Congratulations to you if you managed the whole nine hours of Stranger Things season two this weekend, that is some impressive sitting. If you’re not fed up of it yet, there’s also a new AR experience on Snapchat which lets you explore Joyce Byers living room, get flung into the upside down and a filter which gives you Eleven’s signature nosebleed.

KFC followed 11 herbs and spices on Twitter …
… And waited for the world’s head to implode when they discovered it. So about a month ago, KFC secretly followed six men called herb and all of the five Spice Girls. Finally, a man who can only be described as an investigative GENIUS revealed this to the adulation of most people on the internet. In other KFC related mind-bending news, their digital marketing manager for KFC U.S. is called Bentley McBentleson *drops mic*.

.@KFC follows 11 people.

Those 11 people? 5 Spice Girls and 6 guys named Herb.

11 Herbs & Spices. I need time to process this.

— Edge (@edgette22) October 19, 2017