Audi: No drama, just intelligence

Our Work

Car technology is continuing to make a big impact on the way we drive. Over the last few years, the way we get from A to B has evolved dramatically, from onboard technology to warn us of the dangers up ahead, to safety systems which can take over in case of an incident. But despite the benefits of AI in cars, UK drivers are still a little skeptical.

So when Audi tasked us with breaking-away from the traditional ‘Jetsons’-style approach to car-tech marketing, we relished the challenge. What quickly became clear was that innovative advances in technology are no longer talking points enough to get through to the car buyers, as quite simply – everyone is doing it. Instead, what causes automotive audiences to take notice and engage, is seeing how the technology fits into their everyday lives and the real potential it has to transform society.

And so with the aim of communicating Audi Intelligence through a compelling and relatable story on social, we developed a series of six short films to showcase a selection of the most advanced tech available in Audi cars.

Shot with a dramatic opening sequence, each short film was crafted to build anticipation for a traditional action movie-style car ad ending – before the car’s AI takes over to end the sequence in a real-life drama-free setting.

The final series was distributed across Audi’s UK Twitter, Facebook and Instagram channels throughout the summer, helping bring excitement back to AI car technology – while grounding it in real-world settings, relatable to a modern car audience. The videos reached 5.7 million people and helped inform the autonomous car debate online – check out the full series here.