Understanding the algorithm: How brands should approach Facebook’s News Feed update

On the 31st January at 8.30am, we’re hosting a breakfast panel discussion looking at the potential impact of Facebook’s latest News Feed algorithm update on brands and publishers at our London HQ.

Peter Heneghan, Head of Communications at LADBible, Leo Ryan, Vice President of Customer Success (EMEA) at Spredfast, Rich Burgess, Social Media Manager at Audi UK, and Amy Fothergill, Senior Social Media Manager at ASOS UK will be sharing their opinions in an open panel discussion and Q&A moderated by Mobbie Nazir, Chief Strategy Officer at We Are Social.

In light of Facebook’s latest algorithm update, brands are now potentially facing new challenges in the form of further reductions in engagement rates and visibility on the platform. Facebook itself has admitted that these changes may lead to users spending less time browsing their News Feeds, but that the time will likely be better spent and less negatively impactful on the user’s wellbeing.

But with agencies and the media already worried about the potential rise in advertising costs on the platform, and the predicted drop in engagement for brand content, the big questions remain: what will be the real impact be for brands, given that many have already shifted to a paid media driven approach? Should brands be looking to create a greater balance of paid and organic content? What does “meaningful interaction” really mean, and not mean, when it comes to Facebook. What kind of content should brands be focusing on developing and what can brands learn from publishers’ successes and failures in building truly engaged audiences on the platform?

Join our breakfast briefing to find out all you need to know about the update and its potential implications, and gain insight into how brands should adapt their content strategies to be more relevant. Sign up now.