#WeAreSkiing2018: Our Annual Winter Conference

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Have you ever wondered to yourself, do I like organised fun? How many colleagues would I be happy to be in a hot tub with? Well for 340 of our team, it was time to find out. The annual We Are Social Winter Conference had arrived, this time in Austria … plus Munich too, for our Senior Teams who attended an extra day of workshopping before the main event.

Now in its seventh year, this isn’t the first time I’ve written about our adventures. TL;DR: conferencing happened, skiing happened, drinking happened and a whole lot of fun happened with our colleagues from We Are Social’s global offices. Check it out yourself by watching our roundup video:

With the basics covered, it’s also time to take a new approach to the annual ski trip blog post through the medium of Instagram content and social insights:

TREND ONE: The Hotel Robe
SOCIAL INSIGHT: A symbol of pride and inclusion.

Within moments of arrival, a few employees donned their hotel robe. By breakfast the next day, the true power of our tribal instincts were clear. Wearing the hotel robe became the idiosyncratic signifier that you were part of the cult gang. From London, Paris, Munich, Berlin, Milan? – your identity no longer mattered. We were indoctrinated, We Are Social our religion. Hotel Pichlmayrgut our shrine.

TREND TWO: The ‘Drink With A View’
SOCIAL INSIGHT: Our constant desire for one-upmanship prevails

For most attendees, their core group of Instagram followers were on the trip, even sitting next to them IRL as they adjusted and re-adjusted the filter of their “drink with a view” content. However, as the evidence shows, that didn’t dampen our devotion to posting as many “we’re having a better time than you” pictures that the hotel’s WiFi could handle. The motivation being to ensure anyone not employed by We Are Social would instantly regret the life choices that led them to not being here.

TREND THREE: #SquadGoals
SOCIAL INSIGHT: The bigger the squad, the stronger the bond

There’s no question that the conference is always an opportunity for en-masse bonding and this year was no different. There were activities a-plenty, we had the WAS Olympics beer pong and football tournament, trips to Salzburg, tobogganing and to the local whisky distillery, plus a whole agency bingo event and treasure hunt. New friendships were formed, in-jokes formulated and #squads assembled.

If you want to be part of the fun next year, then check out our careers page to see the roles we’re currently recruiting for.