A masterclass in long-form content: Breaking the three second rule

On the 28th June at 5.30pm at our London HQ, we’ll be hosting an event looking at the benefits of breaking the three second rule when it comes to social content, as part of our ongoing masterclass series. Faisal Alani, Brand Partnerships and Social Lead at eBay, Harriet Beaumont, Lead Creative at Seenit Ltd, Alistair Allan, Head of Digital at TOPSHOP TOPMAN and our Head of Strategy, Harvey Cossell will give attendees the inside track on developing impactful long-form content.

As reports continue to flood in that the human attention span is become increasingly shorter, currently estimated at around eight seconds – that’s one second less than a goldfish; it’s no wonder that brands and agencies alike have been focusing on shorter and shorter video content for some time now.

Much of the blame for this could be levelled at Facebook. After all, the ‘three second rule’ was initially coined due to its much-criticised use of three seconds as the standard for what constitutes a video view. Facebook CEO, Sheryl Sandberg even recently announced that six seconds is now the ideal ad length. But is longer form content truly dead?

Good social content doesn’t have to be short. Facebook may champion short ads with one hand, but it also rewards longer videos with higher completion rates with the other. You just have to look at a content series like adidas’ Tango Squad FC to see that episodic content of 15, 20 or even 30 minutes long can still generate huge levels of engagement and reach – provided the content is right.

Armed with case studies, insights, and real-world experiences, our speakers will take you through the best practices when it comes to developing long-form content for social; the potential benefits for brands; and the do’s and don’ts when it comes to planning branded content which will truly engage audiences online.

Join us on the 28th June from 5.30pm to discover more. Sign up now.