We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #411

Facebook announces new authorisation process for large Pages
Managers of large Pages on Facebook will now have to secure their account using a two-factor authentication. The new authorisation process will begin with US Pages, with plans to roll it out globally over time. Facebook has said that the move aims to “prevent organisations and individuals from creating accounts which mislead people about who they are or what they’re doing.” In the words of Lupe Fiasco, “If you are who you say you are… [an honest Facebook Page manager]… then have no fear.”

Poll your pals via Instagram Direct Messaging
You might want to ask your friends for their opinion on something, but you don’t necessarily want everyone and their mother (or at least those who follow you on Instagram) chiming in. As of last week, you can send poll stickers in Direct Messages, whether it be to just one person or in a large group thread. Perfect for asking the gang whether they think it’s a boil or just a big pimple…

LinkedIn makes Groups part of the gang again inside the app
Following its previous decision to move LinkedIn Groups into its own standalone app, the professional networking platform has made the decision to reintegrate the feature back into the main app. Groups will also get a number of new features, including showing Group conversations in-stream, and allowing users to edit posts and share videos.

Collaborate on holiday plans with Airbnb’s new features
Now everyone can pull their weight when it comes to planning a group getaway, as Airbnb announces a feature that will allow users to send Group Travel invites to people who are joining the trip. Attendees will then be able to save ideas to the master list, including homes, food and drink, sightseeing and experiences, and more. Now your friends will have no excuses for ignoring your vegetarian restaurant suggestions when they go away.

Twitter users block brands until the platform says ‘bye’ to Alex Jones
Over 71,000 Twitter users have blocked hundreds of major brands, including Nike, Pepsi, Uber and McDonalds in an effort to pressure the platform into permanently banning far right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. While Apple, Spotify, Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo have all banned Jones already, Twitter claims that he has not violated any of its policies, despite a CNN report identifying several of Jones’ tweets that violate Twitter’s policies against hate speech, harassment and abusive content.