We Are Social grows its presence in Asia with new Hong Kong office

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Catchy jingles, memorable taglines, effective PSA mascots and slogans: these were just some of the “social” ways to get your “meme” to “go viral” with your audience during the ad industry’s renaissance in Hong Kong in the past. Having grown up in such an environment that nurtured so many creative talents, the industry influenced not only Hong Kong itself but the region. Therefore, words can’t express how thrilled I am to bring, almost in a full circle way, our brand of Social Thinking and a fresh perspective back to the city I love, through the opening of We Are Social’s 13th international office.

Our growing team currently services clients such as BYD, a global industry-leading maker of EVs and related batteries; and GMAC, a long-standing client of We Are Social in Greater China, who are a global management examination body.

I’d also like to give special thanks to our Analyst from Paris, Yun Gu who will shortly be transferring to Hong Kong as an Account Manager. We’re dedicated to encouraging the movement of talent and free-flowing exchange of ideas throughout our network and Yun’s move to join the team is a true testament to that.

While I will be taking on the newly created role of Head of Hong Kong, I will continue to report to Pete Lin, who has been promoted to North Asia Regional Managing Director (congratulations!). His steady stewardship has led our teams in China to phenomenal growth, and under his guidance, we shall surely make Hong Kong a success as well.

The East and the West have been mixing and mingling in this little town of big impacts, and so I shall inherit this spirit and We Are Social’s mission to deliver world-class work for both our global clients looking to enter the East and our local and regional clients going to the West and beyond.

If you’d like to be a part of this next phase in our journey, as we look to the future, then write to us at [email protected].

Oh, did I mention 13 is my lucky number?

Donald Wong is Head of Hong Kong at We Are Social